Why is depression on the rise?

Hi Everyone

Through my journey with depression, I’ve often heard that poor mental health and conditions such as depression and anxiety are on the rise globally. I expect you will have heard this too.

Like me, have you ever wondered why this is?

Now I know the world is far from a perfect. I for one know there are people far far worse off than myself. At what most of us would call a basic level I’m good. I mean, I have running water, food and a roof over my head. As do many in this modern world, granted there are many that don’t.

So why is depression and anxiety on the rise?

Does anyone ever wonder if it is on the rise, or if it is just better documented now in this world of mass communication?

I found the below video an interesting take on this subject of conditions like depression being on the rise.

Let me know your thoughts and I’d be particularly interested to hear if any of you have read the book mentioned in the video.

Take care of yourselves


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