Depression is a signal?

A friend recently sent me a short video of a talk by a guy called Johann Hari.

I watched the video and found it really interesting. It certainly raises some seriously interesting and different views on depression and anxiety.

Johann went on a journey, travelling 40,000 miles around the globe to meet with leading experts. He wanted to try and understand why, when he was taking the maximum amount of drugs he had been prescribed by his GP, did his depression and anxiety still come back. Could there be more than just a chemical imbalance in his brain going on?

He discovered various other factors that could be in play, such as:

  • human interactions. Co-operation vs isolation
  • an approach called “social prescribing”
  • exposure to the natural world
  • junk food affecting our physical health and junk values affecting our mental health.

Anyway, as I say I found it really interesting, hope you do to.

Take care of yourselves

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