Some Famous People that Meditate

One of the things that helped me with my recovery from depression and anxiety, was seeing videos of other people going through the same thing. That sense that I wasn’t alone. Sometimes it was just normal people like you and me and sometimes it was celebrities.

I found the same thing helped me with getting into mindfulness and meditation.

So in this blog I thought I’d find some famous people that use mindfulness and meditation in their daily lives and hear what they have to say about it. I’ve only picked 4 but there are lots and lots!

We’re going to look at some short videos on mindfulness and meditation an how it’s helped them in their lives, but also notice how little time it takes them each day:

  • Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant – Phil was an Basketball Player and Coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers winning 6 and 5 NBA Championships respectively – coaching Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Kobe has been playing for LA Lakers for 20 odd years and won 5 Championships with Phil Jackson.
  • Kendrick Lamar is a rapper, songwriter and music producer and has won 13 Grammys!
  • Katy Perry – a singer, songwriter and actress. Katy has won 5 American Music Awards, 14 Peoples Choice Awards, holds 4 Guinness World Records and holds a Brit Award.
  • Paul McCartney – Say no more!!!
Phil Jackson and Kobe bryant
kendrick lamar
katy perry
paul mccartney

I found all these videos interesting in a couple of ways. Firstly to hear how little time they take, around 15-30 mins a day, or every other day. Secondly, how it helps them to focus and centre themselves in all the chaos that is there lives. Mainly to help them with their work and to face the challenges each day brings.

Take care of yourselves.

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