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In this post, I’d like to look at some of the benefits of Mindfulness.

Now you may have skeptical thoughts about mindfulness. You may think its not for you? You may think it’s something that hippies do? You may even think it’s just for people that suffer with mental health?

Mindfulness if for everyone! I’d like to explore some of the benefits with you to show you that the benefits of mindfulness are something that you are going to want to gain in your life. It’s so simple to do, we should all spend more time investing in ourselves.

In this blog I’m going to look at 3 key benefits of mindfulness as stated in a Harvard Health Article on These are:

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  • Improving your well-being
  • Improving your physical health
  • Improving your mental health.

Now that’s 3 things we all need to improve and maintain right?

Improving your well-being

One of the main misconceptions about mindfulness and meditation, is that you do it to drift off to some mystical realm with unicorns, clouds and rainbows. Simply not true.

Mindfulness helps you to focus on the here and now. One of my issues is that I would focus on the future, wasting energy by worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, the what ifs! This creates worry and anxiety and makes you lose focus on what is important to you right now.

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By living in the present, you get to enjoy life more because for starters you’re not worrying about the future or what’s happened in the past, something that you also can’t do anything about. You can enjoy the good things that do happen on a daily basis and become engaged instead of distant. This will also improve your relationships with those that are important to you, in life and work!

It also makes you more resilient to deal with what life throws at you because you are there in the moment and focused.

Improving your Physical Health

There are literally tonnes of studies and medical research into the physical benefits of mindfulness.

So for starters, mindfulness alleviates stress. Now hands up who doesn’t experience stress?! Stress has some real physical health implications.

So lists physical stress symptoms as:

Physical health is important

Stress can also lead to cardiovascular issues such as heart desease and low blood pressure.

There are loads more physical symptoms that mindfulness can help with, but I’m not going to labour the point anymore, I know you get it. 🙂

Improving YOUR mental health

OK, by now it should go without saying that mindfulness helps with both depression and anxiety. One of the main reasons I keep harping on about it is because it has helped me SO MUCH on my journey back from literally the brink!

Given that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer with depression, chances are you know a fair few people that are struggling, you may even be one of those people. If so, it’s key to understand you are not on your own and there are lots of services available to help you. Please contact me through this site if you have any questions, remember there are no daft questions when it comes to your mental health!

Worldwide suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15 – 29 year olds!

Mindfulness can also help with other mental health issues such as: eating disorders; anxiety disorders; and obsessive compulsive disorder.

In my experience, and especially with my mental health, I only do things when I reach crisis point, when in actual fact there are some things we should do all the time. When I’m feeling good I have to make sure that I don’t stop doing the things that make me feel good. It’s like whenever I had a football injury, I’d go to physio and they’d give me exercises to do at home. When the injury was feeling better I’d stop doing the exercises. Then I’d end up back at the physio and they’d ask, “have you been doing your exercises?” I’d have to say no!

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Mindfulness is talked about a lot more now, but not used. You don’t have to be suffering to gain from the benefits, it’s so easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of time either. Ask yourself, “Why not try it?”

Take care of yourselves.

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