Happiness Quotes

Feeling like I need a bit of happiness today. Anyone else? So I’ve been surfing the tinterweb for some inspiration. I found three quotes that I like and can relate to so I’m going to share them with you. Hopefully you’ll find them of some use.

I’ve got a quotes from:

  • Buddha – you’ve all heard of Buddha right?
  • Lucille Ball – American actress and comedian from days gone by
  • Epictetus – now I had to look him up, I’m clearly not that cultured. He’s a Greek philosopher, who interestingly or not was born into slavery!

OK, lets get started.

Buddha Quote

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


I really like this one and don’t really need to say much more about it. “Happiness never decreases by being shared.” So if you’re happy and feeling great, try and share it with others, you never know, they might just need it! Plus it’s no skin off your nose, doesn’t cost you anything. In fact it might even make you feel even better.

I think this one also works for positivity and helping others. If you’ve learned something, about life or work or a hobby, share that knowledge with others, create community. Think of yourself as the candle. Share you knowledge to light others candles. Inspire someone, you’ll feel great.

Lucille Ball Quote

“It’s a helluva start, being able to recognise what makes you happy.”

Lucille Ball

Short snappy and to the point. We always like quotes like that.

The reason I like this one is that when I was really struggling with my depression, I spiraled into a dark hole that took my joy for life, I wasn’t happy, and as a result, I didn’t want to do the things I loved, the things that made me happy. And I’ve deliberately used the term spiral there, because if you don’t do the things that make you happy, yes you’ve guessed it, you become unhappy. If you’re unhappy you don’t have any get up and go to do anything…a spiral down and down.

Sometimes however, we think we know what will make us happy. Have you ever thought, “if I had that thing, I’d be happy, but I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive.” “It would be easy to be happy if I had their money!” “If only I had his/her job, I’d be happy.”

I could go on for ages but you get my point. Material things won’t make you happy, or they might for a short while but then it wears off.

Take a minute to think about what really makes you happy. Write them down if it helps. Then simply try and do more of the things you’ve written down. Or make a plan to achieve the things you want. Having goals is a great way to stay positive and have focus.

From my experience, what makes me happy is spending time with people I care about, cheesy I know, but it really helps me. Also, not spending time with people, and I get this isn’t for everyone. But I need a bit of quality ‘Dave Time’ alone, to recharge and get my thoughts in order. Helps me to focus.

Epictetus Quote

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.”


This one jumped out at me because it was very similar, in fact pretty much the same as something that was covered at a mindfulness course I recently attended. The course was about living a fearless life and dealing with anxiety.

So this quote is basically saying, there are some things that we just have to accept. Life throws things at us, we can’t change that. Now a lot of the time we can do things to make a positive change to affect the crap thing that has happened to us.

BUT, sometimes there is nothing we can do about it, and that’s grim but it’s the truth. However, ask yourself, what you have to gain from dwelling on this negative thing that you can’t change. You’ll just continue to feel bad and possibly you’ll feel worse.

And in case you’re thinking “it’s not always as simple as just accepting it”, yes you’re right, it’s not always as simple as just accepting it. But that’s not a reason to not try.

I know this first hand. Often it takes time to accept things that cause us pain. But as long as you show willing to accept it, and do things that will eventually help you accept it, such as: talking about your problem with someone you trust; put things in place to help you start to accept the thing; try some mindfulness or meditation; try to picture what life will be like if you are able to accept the thing; then you’re on your way, trust me. Just knowing your doing things to get to the place where you want to be can really change your mindset and make you feel loads better.

Well there you are, some happiness quotes that will hopefully help you and inspire you to have a good day 🙂

Take care of yourselves.

6 Replies to “Happiness Quotes”

    1. Thanks Vicky, sorry to hear you’ve not had a great week. Nice work in taking some time for yourself, you’re proof it works! x

  1. Dave you are spot on. In particular the last one is something I live by and try to encourage others to do the same. My mantra is … put energy into what you can influence and change or resolve and accept what you can’t. The precious time spent on things you have no control over can be better spent on yourself and those that matter to you xx

  2. Hi Dave
    Thank you for the article. I really like your idea of a quick positive idea that hooks us back from going deeper into sadness.
    I was reminded when I saw your Buddha quote that not only does our happiness not decrease by sharing it BUT it actually increases that happiness. Just the wish to make others happy creates inexhaustible effects in our mind and it’s something we can do any time with very little effort in order to lift our thoughts.
    (Our altruistic wishes) ‘are like a drop of water that falls into a vast ocean and is therefore never lost until that great ocean itself becomes no more’ 😊

    1. Hi Pauline,
      Thanks for your comment and I’m really glad you liked it.
      Yes you’re absolutely right, it really does make us feel better helping others, whether it’s simply sharing your happiness or doing a good deed. Such a simple thing to do as well.
      Thanks again

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